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Stanley Kalish, DPM, FACFAS

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Limb salvage is a personalized procedure designed to save as much of your healthy tissue as possible in an effort to prevent amputation. As an expert board-certified podiatrist, Stanley Kalish, DPM, FACFAS, of Atlanta Foot and Leg Clinic provides advanced limb salvage care in Sandy Springs and Jonesboro, Georgia. You can book your limb salvage examination right online, or you can call the clinic directly.

Limb Salvage Q & A

What is limb salvage?

Limb salvage is a complex surgical procedure for removal or repair of damaged tissues, without disturbing too much of your healthy tissues. The goal is to preserve your lower limbs, so you won’t have to go through an amputation. Limb salvage surgery can include:

  • Removing growths or tumors
  • Restoring blood vessel function
  • Repairing damaged connective tissues
  • Removing infected or ulcerated skin tissue
  • Implanting screws, plates, or rods into bones

Because your underlying condition can continue to progress with each passing day, limb salvage surgery isn’t something to delay any longer.

When do I need to see a podiatrist for limb salvage?

At Atlanta Foot and Leg Clinic, you can meet with Dr. Kalish, who’s a top-ranked board-certified podiatrist. Dr. Kalish is a trusted expert in limb salvage and can evaluate you right away if you have:

  • Peripheral vascular disease damage
  • Severe diabetic ulcers
  • Severe neuropathy
  • Malignant tumors
  • Crush injuries
  • Gangrene

Plus, Dr. Kalish can even provide a second opinion if you’ve been under the care of another provider. He can let you know if limb salvage is right for you and what to expect from your procedure.

How long is the recovery after limb salvage?

As with any surgery, your recovery time after limb salvage just depends on your specific procedure. Because you’re likely going to have sutures in place, Dr. Kalish may immobilize your treated foot and ankle in a walking boot for several weeks.

Wound healing takes anywhere from two to three weeks. If you needed bone repairs as part of your limb salvage, it could take up to six to eight weeks until you can return to full weight-bearing function.

Throughout your surgical recovery and for weeks beyond, you’re probably going to be in physical therapy. Dr. Kalish recommends physical therapy after limb salvage to help improve range-of-motion, boost blood flow, and strengthen tissues.

You’re also scheduled for regular checkups at Atlanta Foot and Leg Clinic to ensure your limb salvage recovery is progressing properly. Dr. Kalish cares for you every step of the way.

Schedule a limb salvage evaluation at Atlanta Foot and Leg Clinic today. Click on the online scheduler, or call the office nearest you to book.